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Managing a team is a challenge. Motivating and educating staff is an even bigger challenge. No matter how large or small your company may be, training employees is huge hassle. When will you find the time when you're already buried in work? How do you continue to develop your employees without a huge hit to your budget? The Success Kit 4 Managers solves these problems by bringing the training to you.

The Success Kit is an all-inclusive training program for employers and small business owners. This digital toolkit provides resources that will transform your new employees into effective leaders. Your team members will learn to identify their personal strengths, utilize tools and resources, and gain insight from management experts. Members receive support throughout their training journey with one-on-one professional coaching and peer mentoring.

The Success Kit is your simple solution for leadership training.  Take your staff to the next level now.


This monthly digital toolkit will give your employees the confidence and support they need to excel in management.


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Benefits Include:

Peer Learning – Weekly case study based on real-life work situations.

Role Modeling – Monthly interview with a successful businesswoman. Experienced women share their expertise and answer member questions during live interaction.

Peer Mentoring – Exclusive online access to quarterly discussions with peers on relevant management topics.

Original Content – Business and management topics to spark discussion.

Resource Library – Unlimited access to all management templates, checklists, and more added during active membership.

Success Coach - one 30-minute coaching session per quarter.

Multiple Services - Employee membership includes free access to all courses including Mastering Confidence and The Management Fast-Track


Your employees will learn how to:

  • Think strategically versus tactically
  • Transition to supervisor: Find that delicate balance
  • Communicate clearly with co-workers, customers and superiors
  • Delegate effectively
  • Conduct productive meetings
  • Motivate others
  • Handle difficult employees appropriately
  • Identify personality types and apply them team
  • Create high performing teams
  • Gain the confidence every leader needs to succeed



Who can benefit from The Success Kit?

First-time managers

Employees with leadership potential

Long-time employees you want to retain 



How much does it cost?

$19.99 per month per employee enrolled in the program

$14.99 per month if enrolling 3 or more employees

Contact us to register your employee(s).



How does The Success Kit differ from other leadership training programs?

  • There are no travel costs to incur. Your employees can participate in the program online at their home or office.
  • No one needs to cover the absent employee while away for training. Employees can work on the program anytime. They can integrate training into their existing schedule.
  • No one will be left behind. The program provides continual reinforcement of the principles learned through weekly lessons, private group chats, and one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Employees agree to an accountability partnership. Toolkit members are encouraged to help one another and act as a team.
  • Your staff will learn from professionals who can become role models. 
  • Tackle current issues facing today’s employees in the workplace. The program constantly updates to reflect new trends and tools.
  • Budgeting is easy. Pay as you go with a monthly subscription plan. Or take advantage of the discounted annual subscription payment option.
  • There's no lengthy commitment required. Enroll a new employee at any time or cancel if necessary.       




Are you ready to stop worrying about training your staff and start getting your own work done? Invest in your company's future and register for The Success Kit  membership now.

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